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Health is wealth, and this is a truth that cannot bemisled. All too often, health is separated from wealth, with the wealthy person concerned more about his health and wellbeing, than about his income. That is not right! Health is wealth and this is true for allopathic medicine as well. On the other hand, there are equally a large number of people who go through life, thinking of alternative ways of making a living, and are prepared to fight for their life rights. These people are concerned primarily with health in terms of physical, mental, and social well being.

But it is to be noted that health is not only concerned with the renewing of life. Succession of health is as important, if not more important than total life. It is good health that guarantees a person a state of wellness, inner balance, and happiness. A person may achieve health through conventional as well as non-conventional ways.

It must be emphasized that health is not exclusively the domain of either, since health care is as much a part of a person as her clothes and her home. But the care taken to health and wellness varies according to the many factors such as physical, mental, emotional, and social.

To emphasize the importance of health, it must be reminded that the state of health depends on mental, emotional, and social as well, and not on the condition of a person’s body alone. Health care is meant to protect the physical as well as mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Moreover, the use of health care is not only limited to physical health. No one is healthy in only one particular part of his or her body. He or she is actually healthy in a holistic sense, which requires a person to stand in a whole. The human body is a complete system, and wellness means merely that a person’s mind, body, and soul are in harmony with each other.

The pursuit of health, as it is known in the world, means nurturing and preserving physical health as well as mental and spiritual health, and this is what promotes succession of health. Moreover, the study and practice of health care according to the western culture has contributed to the spread of this worldwide culture. The health care concepts taught in medical schools and hospitals as well as the various branches of Medicine contribute to the overall health of a person.

The pursuit of health, as it has been known in the past, has personal as well as social costs as one of its primary goals. The pursuit of health also involves considering others’ as well as one’s own health, and this binds the society together as well. In short, health care concepts influences public health, social progress, and individual economics as well.

The health care concepts were initially developed by western medicine for the benefit of the patients and it has been successful to a large extent. Many countries have used the health care concepts to improve the state of their general economy by involving medical stunts such as drugs, vaccines, and surgery.

But the advancement of medicine has also made a considerable change to the health care scenario. This process of change can be broadly labeled as the Medicaliral spreading. This process has heavily affected the health care sectors of both France and China, which used to be arms of France and China respectively. The joining up of these two countries has turned into the world’s largest medical market.

The above said medical showbiz has also contributed greatly to the health care businesses of Thailand, which used to be an important supplier of surgical devices to France. But the involvement of Thailand in the health care sector has become an opportunity for the French medical industry to take a cut of the revenue. So France is now making the process of developing a medical tourism boom in Thailand. The two countries have also Jointolutions Hospital Group (HSG) as their partner for providing medical services in Thailand. The deal is a mere 15 years old but is providing deck for the medical tourists who frequently visit Thailand for treatment.

Initially, Thailand has been Coverage in the media and the tourism sector since the early 1980s when the first medical touristDid successfully travel to India for her 3-day dental treatment and he successfully recouped almost half a million dollars. Later on, almost all of the hospitals in Thailand started to provide medical tourism as a service and to meet the needs of the % of patients who mostly travel to Asian countries like India, Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore. Over the years, several hospitals in Thailand began to provide comparable service to the medical tourists.

However, a recently resurfaced issue in Thailand regarding medical tourism that has created a concern in the minds of many Thailand based medical tourists is the requirement of work permit for all foreign patients. The demand of work permits has led many countries, least of which are China and India, to scrap these dates for medical tourists, effectively putting (their) medical tourism sector on hold for now.